5th International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, Barcelona (Spain), 17-20 July 2011
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The International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media is a unique forum that brings together researchers from the disciplines in computer science, linguistics, communication, and the social sciences. The broad goal of ICWSM is to increase understanding of social media in all its incarnations. Submissions describing research that blends social science and technology are especially encouraged.

The 2011 meeting will be held in Barcelona, Spain. In addition to the usual program of contributed technical talks, tutorials and invited presentations, ICWSM 2011 will include a selection of invited talks from prominent social scientists that are studying social media, and a set of talks from leaders of xxxxxxx

Deadline for abstract submission = 31 January 2011


Computational Linguistics/NLP
Text Mining/Data Mining
Sociology (including Social Network Analysis)
Anthropology, Communications, Media Studies
Political Science
Computational Social Science
Graph theory, concrete analysis and simulation of graphical models


Weblogs, including comments
Social Networking Sites
Wikis (wikipedia)
Forums, usenet
Community media sites: youtube, flickr

Topics Include

Psychological, personality-based and ethnographic studies of social media
Analyzing the relationship between social media and mainstream media
Qualitative and quantitative studies of social media
Centrality/influence of social media publications and authors
Ranking/relevance of blogs; web page ranking based on blogs
Social network analysis; communities identification; expertise and authority discovery; collaborative filtering
Trust; reputation; recommendation systems
Human computer interaction; social media tools; navigation and visualization
Subjectivity in textual data; sentiment analysis; polarity/opinion identification and extraction
Text categorization; topic recognition; demographic/gender/age identification
Trend identification and tracking; time series forecasting; measuring predictability of phenomena based on social media
New social media applications; interfaces; interaction techniques

People interested in participating should submit through the ICWSM-11 website a technical paper (up to 8 pages, not including references), poster or demo description (up to 4 pages) by the deadlines given above (Midnight PST). Papers must be must be formatted in AAAI two-column, camera-ready style (see the AAAI author instructions page at http://www.aaai.org/Publications/Author/author.php). Details for the submission procedure will appear at the conference website: http://icwsm.org.

Submission to other conferences or journals

ICWSM-11 will not accept any paper that, at the time of submission, is under review for or has already been published or accepted for publication in a journal or conference. This restriction does not apply to submissions for workshops and other venues with a limited audience.


All accepted papers and extended abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings. At least one author must register for the conference by the deadline for camera-ready copy submission. In addition, the registered author must attend the conference to present the paper in person.


All accepted papers and abstracts will be allocated eight (8) pages in the conference proceedings. Authors will be required to transfer copyright of their paper to AAAI.

Data Challenge

ICWSM-11 will once again hold a data challenge featuring a freely-available dataset and a half-day workshop at the conference. Details will be posted on the conference website.

Conference Website

For general information regarding ICWSM-11, please write to icwsm11@aaai.org.